To The Scumbag Dating My Best Friend


We’ve all had that one good friend who deserves nothing but one of the best in life. They’re type, beneficiant, and all the time have your back. So, when someone comes alongside and tries to benefit from their good nature, it’s natural to really feel a surge of protectiveness. That’s why I’m addressing this article to the scumbag who thought it was a good suggestion to date my best pal. Buckle up, because you’re about to get a actuality examine.

The Betrayal

How dare you?

Let’s begin with the apparent query: how dare you? My greatest good friend is among the most wonderful folks I know. They deserved someone who would cherish and respect them, not a scumbag like you. What did you think you would supply them? Certainly not love or loyalty, that is for certain.

Breaking boundaries

If you suppose you can simply waltz into my finest friend’s life and break all of the boundaries, suppose once more. Friends come first, and also you had the audacity to disregard that. You knew the type of bond we had, yet you selected to disregard it. Well, rest assured, I will not let you get away with it.

The Warning

My pal’s heart is not a plaything

Did you really think you can play with my greatest pal’s heart? Well, assume again. They are a person bbwdatefinder alternatives best with feelings, hopes, and dreams, and you treated them like a disposable toy. You made guarantees you had no intention of keeping, and that’s not one thing any of us will take flippantly.

We’re watching you

Just so you understand, we’re watching you. We see the way in which you manipulate and gaslight my finest pal, and we can’t stand for it. Friends shield one another, and that’s precisely what we’re doing. So, beware, because we can’t let you damage them anymore.

The Consequences

The aftermath

You might imagine that your actions don’t have any penalties, however let me let you know, they do. When my finest good friend finally opens their eyes and realizes what you have done, you may be the one left in the mud. They deserve better, and so they’ll find it. As for you, you’ll have nothing but regrets.

Losing a friendship

Dating my best good friend means dropping a friendship. We had something special, a bond that can’t be damaged. But you shattered that trust. You showed us the sort of individual you might be, and let me inform you, it’s not fairly. Good luck discovering someone else who will put up along with your deceit.

The Advice

Move on

My advice to you is straightforward: move on. Let my greatest pal go and find someone who will treat them the way they deserve. And whilst you’re at it, take a while for self-reflection. Figure out why you thought it was acceptable to behave the way you did. Maybe then you’ll have the ability to become a better particular person.

Learn out of your mistakes

We all make mistakes, however it’s what we do afterward that defines us. Learn from this experience and develop as a person. Understand the impression your actions had on my best pal and the individuals who care about them. Use this as a chance to vary and turn out to be somebody worthy of love and belief.


To the scumbag dating my best good friend, your time is operating out. We won’t stand by and permit you to continue to hurt somebody we care about. My best friend deserves happiness and love, and it’s clear you can’t present that. So, do us all a favor and step aside. The real heroes are the ones who’ve all the time been there for my greatest good friend – their true associates.


Q: Can you provide some examples of purple flags that present someone may be a scumbag while relationship your best friend?

A: Yes, there are a quantity of pink flags to look out for in someone who may be a scumbag whereas courting your greatest friend. These can embody:

  • Lack of respect: Is the individual continually belittling or insulting your finest friend? This is normally a clear sign of a toxic relationship.
  • Cheating or infidelity: If the particular person has a history of cheating or being unfaithful in previous relationships, it’s likely they could do the same to your greatest friend.
  • Manipulation: Does the particular person continually manipulate or management your finest friend’s actions or decisions? This is a serious pink flag.
  • Disrespecting boundaries: If the particular person constantly crosses your best friend’s boundaries and disregards their wants or wants, it’s a clear indicator of a problematic companion.
  • Isolation from friends and family: If your finest good friend’s companion is actively attempting to isolate them from their loved ones or discouraging them from spending time with pals or household, it is a purple flag for an unhealthy relationship.

Q: How can I help my best good friend who’s courting a scumbag?

A: Supporting your best pal in a scenario where they are relationship a scumbag can be challenging, nevertheless it’s essential to be there for them. Here are some methods you’ll find a way to present support:

  • Listen without judgment: Allow your good friend to precise their feelings and considerations with out interjecting with your personal opinions. Provide a secure area for them to vent.
  • Offer a special perspective: Share your observations about the scumbag’s conduct, highlighting any purple flags you could have noticed. However, keep away from being overly critical or aggressive towards their partner as it could push your pal away.
  • Be obtainable: Let your pal know that you’re there for them each time they want to discuss or search advice. Assure them that you will help any choice they make.
  • Encourage self-care: Remind your friend to prioritize self-care and interact in activities that bring them pleasure and assist them keep a sense of well-being. This may help uplift their spirits and provide a wholesome distraction from their relationship struggles.
  • Suggest professional help: If you imagine the situation is highly poisonous or abusive, encourage your pal to seek skilled assist, similar to therapy or counseling, to navigate their emotions and decisions in a supportive surroundings.

Q: How can I confront the scumbag relationship my finest pal with out inflicting a strain in our friendship?

A: Confronting the person dating your best pal could be difficult, as it could potentially strain your friendship. However, when you really feel it’s necessary, here are some tips to approach the situation delicately:

  • Choose the proper time and place: Find a calm and impartial setting to have a personal dialog. Avoid public spaces or conditions the place tensions may escalate.
  • Use "I" statements: Frame your considerations from your perspective using "I" statements. For instance, say, "I even have seen some behaviors that worry me" somewhat than immediately attacking or accusing them.
  • Provide particular examples: Share particular instances or examples of regarding habits you’ve noticed. This helps them perceive your perspective and avoids generalizations.
  • Express your care on your friend: Emphasize that your concern stems from your love and care for your greatest good friend. Assure the scumbag that you just only need what is best for them.
  • Be open to communication: Encourage an open dialogue where the scumbag can categorical their facet of the story and share their perspective. This promotes understanding and may result in a more productive conversation.
  • Avoid being judgmental or confrontational: While it’s important to voice your issues, preserve a respectful and calm demeanor all through the dialog. Keep in thoughts that your main objective is to deal with the problem, to not win an argument or prove your self right.

Q: What should I do if my greatest good friend is unwilling to acknowledge that they’re dating a scumbag?

A: It may be disheartening when your greatest pal is in denial about dating a scumbag, but pushing them too exhausting might pressure your friendship. Here’s what you can do in such a situation:

  • Take a step back: Respect your friend’s choice and provides them house. Pushing too exhausting might solely cause them to distance themselves from you and potentially isolate additional.
  • Lead by instance: Show your finest good friend what a healthy and supportive relationship seems like by nurturing your individual relationships. Demonstrate the importance of respect, trust, and open communication.
  • Be there for them: Continue to help your pal emotionally and mentally. Offer a listening ear and remind them that you are there for them it doesn’t matter what.
  • Share your observations thoughtfully: Instead of aggressively confronting your pal, share your observations about their partner’s conduct gently. Use particular examples with out being judgmental, allowing your friend to slowly acknowledge the issues on their own.
  • Encourage outside views: Suggest that your friend speaks to trusted individuals, such as relations, mutual associates, or a therapist. These neutral events might have the ability to provide an objective viewpoint and assist your pal see the scenario extra clearly.

Q: How can I protect my greatest friend from getting harm by the scumbag they’re dating?

A: Protecting your finest friend from potential harm attributable to the scumbag they’re courting can be challenging, but listed here are some methods you possibly can assist:

  • Education and awareness: Educate your pal about healthy relationship dynamics, purple flags, and warning signs of an unhealthy associate. Raise consciousness in regards to the potential risks involved.
  • Encourage open communication: Empower your good friend to overtly talk about any issues or doubts they may have about their relationship. Reinforce the importance of honest conversations.
  • Provide emotional support: Be a shoulder to lean on when things get powerful. Offer emotional help, reassurance, and encouragement to assist your friend navigate the ups and downs of their relationship.
  • Offer alternative perspectives: Help broaden their viewpoint by offering examples of wholesome relationships round you. Encourage them to contemplate whether they actually deserve the mistreatment they might be experiencing.
  • Encourage self-worth and boundary setting: Remind your pal of their self-worth and the importance of setting boundaries. Encourage them to ascertain and implement boundaries to guard themselves from further harm.
  • Help them discover options: If your friend decides they wish to go away the connection, help them in growing an exit plan, seeking authorized advice if necessary, and finding a support system they can rely on.